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Reunion Pictures

On the grand staircase:

Dr. Schürmann in the Aula hall

Elementary school hall

Old 5th grade class room

Elementary school library

Passage between elementary and high school

"Nieguth's Gym

Sports field

High school teacher room

High school library - Kennedy 90th birthday commemoration

Benson graffiti

High school, inside

High school, outside

"Treble Trouble"

In the Symposion restaurant: Oliver, Karsten, ?, Iris, Claudia, Petra

Claudia, Doris, Dorothea, André

Thomas, Elisabeth-Ulrike, John, Fedor

Alan, Peter, Birgit, Ronny, Roy, Iris, ...

Alan, Peter, Birgit, Ronny, Iris, ...

Uli, Friedhelm, Manfred, Kaspar

The Kennedys Museum

on Pariser Platz