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Prediction on Trumpís Presidency

After a hundred days in office, Trump said he was surprised about how hard the job was. I would like to say to him, ďIf the job is so hard, why donít you give it up?Ē

I think that it is likely however that Trump will not be in office at the end of this term. The scenarios in descending order of probability and desirability, which may be interrelated or even combined:

  1. Trump causes so much trouble and/or break laws that he will face an impeachment. Nearly impossible with the current Republican-controlled congress, but more feasible after the next federal election should the Democrats win back control.
  2. An internal White House palace revolt in which Trumpís cabinet forces him to resign (perhaps to preempt an impeachment). A friend told me he thinks Trump may simply quit due to frustration, which would be comparable and also down the same vein as the statement at the top.
  3. A military coup as the military refuses to go on some hair-brained or suicidal military mission on Trumpís command. Iíd expect them to initiate new elections in good time.
  4. An assassination by some disgruntled supporter or some other fanatic.

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