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50 Things I Learned Turning 50

50) Keep your lists short.


16) You are definitely older than 50 % of the population.

15) At 50 I am as old as my dad was when I was half as old as him.

14) You start voting for national politicians that are younger than you.

13) At 50, only 50 % of my teeth have fillings.

12) Walking at the age of 50: 50 % on your left foot; 50 % on your right foot.

11) When you die at 50 your record sales spike.

10) At 50, you get a medal posthumously for protecting children on an S-Bahn station.

9) At 50, 50 % of the time your glasses are up here (on bridge of nose) and
50 % of the time your glasses are on the end of your nose. Time for bifocals.

8) Even though I haven’t quite run 50 long-distance races –yet–, I can do the Marathon in less than 5 hours.

7) 50 % of the time my wife is right and 50 % of the time I am wrong.

6) At 50, I still have half my hair, but it is not distributed evenly (show bald spot)

5) I still can do 50 push-ups in a row. If any one wants to challenge me on that, see me later. (Krister and Fabian did; guess who did and who didn’t accomplish the 50 then.)

4) At 50, I bring in almost 50 % of the household income.
Don’t you think men and women should earn the same?

3) At 50, I can be glad if half my jokes are understood.

2) 50 % of the time the glass is ˝ empty and 50 % of the time the glass is ˝ full. Just depends on the glass’ former condition.

1) And finally at 50, you have more than 50 wonderful friends and relatives!

Written for my 50th birthday party, 2009