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Commemorative World Trade Center Milk Carton Set

Neckarsulm (August 2006): The Kaufland supermarket chain is proud to present the commemorative World Trade Center milk carton set in memory of the infamous attack on the New York City landmark five years ago this September. The set consists of a pair of 1-liter milk cartons that resemble the shape and design of the unforgettable Twin Towers. Although they are sold as a unit they can be set apart at an angle on the dining table so as to recreate the architecture of the WTC plaza.

"Ze sales price of the commemorative World Trade Center milk carton set vill be 1.19 euros," explained Marketing Director Joh. Xanu. "Zis is to represent ze European vay of writing ze date 11th of September." In German markets the set will be labeled as "Welthandszentrumsgedächnismilchkartonsatz".

The set has already been test-marketed in several of Kaufland's choice outlets. Cashier Lieschen Müller working at the store in the Potsdam main train station noted something practical about the cartons: "Ze stripes on ze side of ze carton machen it verry easy to scan in ze price."

Customer surveys have also shown that the set is favored by families with many children. A Frau V. D. Karnickel responded that, "My four kinder, zey alvays fighted for ze milk at breakfast. Now vit two milchkartons on ze table zere is less fighting. But at ze end of breakfast, ze kartons are still alvays kaput."

Kaufland is positive that the World Trade Center milk cartons will be purchased by many customers who want to memorialize the tragic terrorist attack from 2001. If sales figures reach their targeted goals, then a chocolate-milk version will be brought to the shelves as well. Primary consumers will then be children. Marketing Director Joh. Xanu adds that for them, "a free-inside, model airliner vill be included."

Picture 1: Scenic set up of commemorative World Trade Center milk carton set.

Picture 2: World Trade Center milk carton set being consumed in a Berlin, Germany household.

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