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Typical Libra?

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Better translater
than transnever

Scientology sucks - your brains out!

"I love you."
"I love me, too."

Evolution doesn't need Intelligent Design. It is perfectly able to develop by itself such people who believe in Intelligent Design.

Ich genieße das Leben in vollen Zügen, sofern ich ein Sitzplatz ergattere.

Faith can be real - even if based on something unreal.

My cup overfloweth. Psalm 23:5
Yeah, and guess who's gonna wipe it up?

"History repeats itself" - How often has that been repeated in history?

The best theories are practically just at best theories.

True tolerance does not tolerate intolerance.

Is it zeitgeisty to say zeitgeisty?

Typical Libra: Can't make up his mind; sits on the fence.
Hey, but it does get uncomfortable after a while!

Nobody is perfect - not eeven me.

"FOX News - fair and balanced" Ha, ha, tell me another one!

"Coffee or tea?"

Not bad, not bad at all - not good either
(my high school yearbook quote)