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A Tribute to the Ladies

Satisfying his life’s senses

Written for Burns Night 2006

‘Twas one year ago on this Burns’ night;
that I gave a “Tribute to the Ladies”.
But, how on earth could I have done that right;
Since I was not married to such a Miss?

But since the prime of March, I now am wed;
And thus can tell you from experiences;
That a man is not meant to be alone at table or in bed.
He needs a female mate to satisfy his life’s senses.

As he lays to rest his weary head each night;
And is grateful for what he has accomplished in that day;
He gazes at his wife with love, ere she blows out the light.
Knowing he will sense her in each and every way.

At first the sense of touch he’ll bee feeling soon.
Whose feet are colder? Whose hands like ice?
But given time to warm up, they are nestled like two spoons.
The head-to-toe contact sensation certainly is nice.

Now the sense of smell one good indicator is.
If she has brushed her teeth well, she is sure to be a winner.
Because it will save him many Pounds when she pays a visit to the dentist.
Which is better to be sure than inhaling the odour of her dinner.

His eyes are closed, yet he knows she must be near.
So, cautiously he opens one eye just a little peep.
She is starring at him as he is calmly lying there;
And thus explains to him, “You look so cute when you’re asleep.”

The next sense that is put to test is that of balance.
As she is tossing, turning, trying to get comfortable;
He is bounced around as well. It’s almost like a dance;
On such a springy mattress. Just don’t get flung out on the floor.

When cuddled close he has his arms around his wife dear;
The sense of hearing is heightened, but what it holds in store;
Is her steady relaxed breathing aimed right into his ear.
But, he knows he’ll be avenged by his sporadic snore.

And finally, a prayer and then “Good night” is said;
To close the day then after all the work is done.
Taste is the last sense now experienced in bed.
Namely to taste that that has good taste, that is her tongue.

So in conclusion, ere he falls into a well deserved sleep;
A man senses that his wife is a precious treasure.
For in as much as she is there for him to keep.
He is there to be of service just as well for her pleasure.