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The Haggis

4 x 48 bar reel, square 4-couple set

January 2004

Written for Scottish Country Dance Society of Berlin Burns Night, January 2004. It describes the preparation of a Haggis.

Video from Burns Night 2009

The stomach
1-8 All circle left and back.
Chopping meat
9-12 Ends advance, clap and retire.
13-16 Sides advance, clap and retire.
Mixing - the big Haggis figure
17-18 Ladies left-hand wheel 1/2 round as men dance around 1/4 circle clockwise to next position.
19-20 Men turn respective ladies right hand 1/2 round.
21-22 Repeat bars 17-18 with men 1/2 left-hand wheel in centre and ladies 1/4 circle clockwise to next position.
23-24 Repeat bars 19-20.
25-32 Repeat bars 17-24; everyone ends on opposite sides.
Sewing up
33-40 Grand chain 1/2 circle back to place, beginning with right hand with partner.
Cut and spill
41-48 First couple joins hands and crosses the dance, goes out between third couple, cast left/right respectively
and dance behind circle back to place.

Repeat three times with each couple dancing the "Cut and spill" figure at the end in turn.
Side couples, in turn, begin the advance on bar 9 at the 2nd and 4th times through.