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Ruthy's Rant and Rave

8 x 32 bar jig, 4 couple set

February 1st 1997

Dedicated to my daughter Ruth

Description Figure
(not animated)
1-4 1st couple and 2nd couples set and cross.

1st couple and 2nd couples set and cross back to place.

Rant (Ruthy having a "cow")
9-16 1st lady casts off one place, crosses below 2nd couple and up to 1st man's position. Meanwhile 1st man follows 1st woman, but dances up between 2nd couple and ("catches") turns partner 1/2 turn by the right.

1st couple down the middle and up. 2nd couple stepping up.

and Rave (going in circles)
25-32 1st and 2nd couples right hand wheel twice around.

1st couple can dance three times through.