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Silver Bear

3 x 64 bar Strathspey, 6 couple hexagonal set

October 1st 1999

Written for the 25th anniversary ball of the Scottish Country Dancing Society of Berlin, Oct. 31st 1999.

Description Setup
1-4 1st and 4th couples right hand wheel.
5-16 Reels: 1st couple dances with 2nd and 6th couples while 4th couple dances with 3rd and 5th couples in promenade hold.
17-24 Lady's chain: 1st couple with 3rd couple and 4th couple with 6th couple.
25-32 Lady's chain: 1st couple with 5th couple and 4th couple with 2nd couple.
"Pas de Deux"
33-36 All six couples in allemande hold. Ladies stand as men set to right behind them. Men step-hop forward slightly on left and back on right as ladies step-hop back slightly on right and forward on left. Men set to left as ladies set to right in front of men. Step-hop again forward-back or back-forward respectively.
37-40 Repeat bars 33-40: Ladies continue dancing, but omit the last step-hop.
41-48 Rights and lefts for 1st, 3rd and 5th couples.
49-56 Rights and lefts for 2nd, 4th and 6th couples.

All circle left and right

Ladies have moved two positions clockwise and men have moved two positions counter-clockwise to dance the dance again with new partners.