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6 x 32 bar reel, sets of 3 dancers (left-centre-right) facing 3 others, ideally 5 of these sets facing each other around the room (see setup illustration) to make 30 persons.
Gender make-up of the sets is of no importance.

June 2004

Written for the 30th anniversary ball of the Scottish Dancing Society in Berlin, Nov. 2004

Description Click on drawing to animate it
1-4 All circle once around left.
5-8 All string out to the left, led by left, clock-wise-facing dancer.
9-12 All dance forward in line clock-wise.
13-16 Outer three dancers swivel around to face standing inner three dancers
17-24 Reels of 3 across the dance: Centre dancers respectively with dancers on their right.
25-28 Centre dancers set to second corners (i.e. right dancers) and cross facing out, while left dancers cast off, dance behind others, and cross to opposite left dancer's position facing out.
29-32 Joining hands, dancers advance to face new triplet.

Repeat, going back and forth several times.