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Whreel of Life

2 x 96 bar reel, square set

June 14th 2008 (started).

For my 50th birthday, 25 Sept. 2009
First round for women second round for men

1-8 Circle left and right.
9-16 All ladies chain.
"Ladies pass"
17-32 Ladies set to partner. Partners pull their ladies past by right hand and continue turning to the right as ladies dance on to next man clockwise. Repeat around the square back to partner.
33-40 1st and 3rd ladies dance reel of three with partner (right shoulder) and 1st corner for 6 bars. 1st and 3rd ladies turn right hand in centre for last two bars.
41-48 1st and 3rd ladies dance reel of three with man opposite and 2nd corner for 6 bars. Turn right hand in centre for last two bars and return to place.
49-64 2nd and 4th ladies repeat bars 33-48.
"Big wheel"
65-80 Ladies form right hand wheel and join left hand with partners, who face counter-clockwise. All set. Ladies turn clockwise 1/4 turn for two as men advance to next man's position. Repeat, continuing once around.
"Square strip the willow"
81-96 Ladies turn partner left hand and then 1/4 right hand wheel with ladies in centre. Repeat, continuing once around.
Repeat. 2nd time with men as the dancers and in mirror fashion as applicable (1st circle remains left-right though).